Camera Cooler on Ice


In March of 2014, I visited Port Harcourt, Nigeria to create some short films telling the story of how SFCC is affecting change in that part of the world. I visited Nigeria in 2009, but

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DIY Way-Finding Kiosk


When I used to work at SFCC, we did a lot of building usage events. There were easily a dozen groups each week that use our building free of charge. We built the building for

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Large Format Esther


In March 2014, SFCC was in a message series called Lost Art: Rediscovering the Forgotten Stories. We had artists paint during every service over a 6-week time span. I was very happy to be allowed

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ABCD/XY Guitar Switcher Pedal


Every once in a while I get to play guitar with the SFCC band for a weekend. It is one of the things I love to do most in this world - I wish

ABCD/XY Guitar Switcher Pedal2020-12-28T04:49:08+00:00
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