In March 2014, SFCC was in a message series called Lost Art: Rediscovering the Forgotten Stories. We had artists paint during every service over a 6-week time span. I was very happy to be allowed to paint one of the murals. The message I was painting was the story of Esther and how she saved the Jews from annihilation.All of the murals were painted on plywood and each section was 8 feet tall and approximately 5 feet wide. For consistency, we used the same basic color palette for all of the murals; they were a more muted version of SFCC’s logo colors.

I spent several weeks sketching my drawing with pen & paper, then in PhotoShop. I printed the PhotoShop sketch out for me to reference while onstage and painting. Before my weekend started, I lightly sketched the outlines of my work in pencil on the plywood. I only had three services (or a little over 3 hours) to complete the painting, so I had to plan out how I would paint each section to ensure I did not run out of time.

I essentially completed the painting before the last service ended, but I did go back the following Monday to add a few highlights and touch-ups.