Floating Shelf with Hidden Drawer


A family member was interested in gift for their spouse, a police officer, to securely store their service weapons while off-duty. They liked the idea of a floating shelf so I worked on

Floating Shelf with Hidden Drawer2024-06-24T02:58:06+00:00

Jig for Installing Cutting Board Feet


Recently, while finishing up a batch of cutting boards, I wanted to find a faster, more efficient way to mark the holes for installing the rubber feet. I had been simply using a square; measuring

Jig for Installing Cutting Board Feet2024-06-24T02:58:06+00:00

Christmas Cutting Boards 2020


In early November 2020, my wife an I started to chat about Christmas gift plans for friends and family. Well... she started talking about it - I was mostly listening. At one point she

Christmas Cutting Boards 20202024-06-24T02:58:06+00:00

Charcuterie Board, Wine & Cheese


Two of our clients at Simpatico Design Studio were collaborating to give away a charcuterie board and a selection of food & wine to go with it. We set up the shoot in Cork

Charcuterie Board, Wine & Cheese2024-06-24T15:08:10+00:00

Food Photoshoot


One of our clients at Simpatico Design Studio, asked us to do a photoshoot for their new restaurant's menus. We set up before they opened in the dining room as they were doing a

Food Photoshoot2024-06-25T03:47:46+00:00

Pup Box


We have a dog-walker that take our pups for a stroll everyday around lunchtime. We have never had a good solution for keeping the pups' leashes, harnesses and training treats in a standard location

Pup Box2024-06-24T02:58:07+00:00

Camera Cooler on Ice


In March of 2014, I visited Port Harcourt, Nigeria to create some short films telling the story of how SFCC is affecting change in that part of the world. I visited Nigeria in 2009, but

Camera Cooler on Ice2024-06-24T15:08:14+00:00
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