A family member was interested in gift for their spouse, a police officer, to securely store their service weapons while off-duty. They liked the idea of a floating shelf so I worked on a design that would not make it obvious that the unit also contained a drawer.

Originally, I thought I would use a magnetic lock, but the only mag-locks I could find were made of plastic. So I found an RFID lock that used more metal in its fabrication. It’s bolted inside the drawer and has a hidden electrical plug that can be used to gain access should the batteries die.

The shelf/drawer is made of 1/4″ ash with walnut trim. It is glued together with mortise and tenon joints while the edges meet at a 45º angle for a clean look.

The drawer mounts on 10 inch soft-close ball bearing drawer slides that have a 100-pound load capacity.

A friend made a custom U-bracket that installs inside the top shelf to give extra support and security when it mounts to the wall.

They told me they preferred a simple finish that would not hide the wood grain. So I used a basic clear lacquer base with a wax paste finish. It gave the shelf/drawer an antique feel that added character to its look.