Framed World Map


The largest frame I've made to-date at 4ft x 2ft. Made of Wenge & Zebrawood with sheetmetal backing to make the map magnetic.

Framed World Map2021-10-03T05:21:15+00:00

Custom Exotic Wood Desktop


A family member received a motorized, adjustable-height desk frame and asked if I could make a desktop similar to the cutting boards I gifted everyone at Christmas. I started by narrowing the wood selection

Custom Exotic Wood Desktop2021-05-29T22:58:33+00:00

Floating Shelf with Hidden Drawer


A family member was interested in gift for their spouse, a police officer, to securely store their service weapons while off-duty. They liked the idea of a floating shelf so I worked on

Floating Shelf with Hidden Drawer2021-03-17T21:34:50+00:00

Jig for Installing Cutting Board Feet


Recently, while finishing up a batch of cutting boards, I wanted to find a faster, more efficient way to mark the holes for installing the rubber feet. I had been simply using a square; measuring

Jig for Installing Cutting Board Feet2020-12-29T16:11:56+00:00

Christmas Cutting Boards 2020


In early November 2020, my wife an I started to chat about Christmas gift plans for friends and family. Well... she started talking about it - I was mostly listening. At one point she

Christmas Cutting Boards 20202021-10-04T05:45:44+00:00

Virginia Tech Frames


A friend's daughter recently graduated from Virginia Tech with two degrees. Naturally, he is extremely proud of her and wanted to gift her with custom frames for her diplomas inspired by the university's colors.

Virginia Tech Frames2020-12-29T16:32:35+00:00

Pup Box


We have a dog-walker that take our pups for a stroll everyday around lunchtime. We have never had a good solution for keeping the pups' leashes, harnesses and training treats in a standard location

Pup Box2020-12-31T06:30:47+00:00

Watercolor Frames


I built these frames with Padauk & Birdseye Maple to preserve two watercolor prints created & given to me by my former boss, Steve Wariner and his wonderful wife, Caryn, as a housewarming gift

Watercolor Frames2020-12-29T16:46:10+00:00

Wenge & Zebrawood Frame


One of the photos I had commercially framed to hang in a local coffee shop was returned damaged so I decide to make my own replacement. I used some Wenge & Zebrawood I had

Wenge & Zebrawood Frame2021-01-02T00:05:44+00:00
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