Floating Shelf with Hidden Drawer


A family member was interested in gift for their spouse, a police officer, to securely store their service weapons while off-duty. They liked the idea of a floating shelf so I worked on

Floating Shelf with Hidden Drawer2021-03-17T21:34:50+00:00

Refretting a Guitar in 1 Minute


Depending on how much a guitar is played, it is possible the frets will wear down to the point they need to be replaced. Here is a quick video showing what it takes to

Refretting a Guitar in 1 Minute2020-12-31T04:43:23+00:00

Waldron Dreadnaught


This is a Waldron Dreadnaught acoustic made by boutique luthier, Goode Waldron, in the 1980's or 1990's. The guitar was expertly made in a style similar to a Martin D-28. However, the guitar's previous owner

Waldron Dreadnaught2020-12-27T15:50:28+00:00

’92 Ovation Collectors Series


This 1992 Ovation Collectors Series showed up at the shop with a break in one of its sound holes in the epaulets. Ovation was the best to work with as they sent a replacement epaulet

’92 Ovation Collectors Series2020-12-27T17:25:15+00:00

ABCD/XY Guitar Switcher Pedal


Every once in a while I get to play guitar with the SFCC band for a weekend. It is one of the things I love to do most in this world - I wish

ABCD/XY Guitar Switcher Pedal2020-12-28T04:49:08+00:00

Martin D-3532


This 1984 Martin D-3532 came into the shop with some loose braces. Check out the illustration and photos to see how many braces have lost their hold on reality... or at least the soundboard.

Martin D-35322020-12-28T03:58:38+00:00

Les Paul Studio


While checking my messages this other day I found that I had missed a call from my friend Wes at Guitar Center. The message said that they had received a USA Les Paul that had

Les Paul Studio2020-12-29T06:10:32+00:00

PRS CE24 Trans- Blue


This PRS CE-24 came into the shop with a dead volume potentiometer. After discussing it with the client we decided to replace all of the electronics (all less than superb components) with high quality

PRS CE24 Trans- Blue2020-12-29T06:16:06+00:00

Fender CD220SCE


This acoustic has recently made it into regular rotation during its owner's gigs. While it's a fine guitar with some very nice burl ash back and sides, he wanted to improve the overall tone

Fender CD220SCE2020-12-29T06:22:27+00:00

Taylor 414CE


This acoustic came in with some phantom rattles that our client was having trouble identifying. Once we had it on the bench, we checked for the obvious culprits: loose braces and loose wires. After a thorough inspection,

Taylor 414CE2020-12-29T06:25:54+00:00
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