josh-faux-hawkI used to work for Salem Fields Community Church and we had an arrangement with local radio station, B101.5 FM, to air uplifting spots each week. Usually one of the handful of pastors record the weekly spot, but on occasion, other staff members would, too. One time, it was my turn to get behind the mic. Here is my spot:




Here is the transcript:

Hi, my name is Colin Burch, Creative Director at Salem Fields.

Recently, our nephews stayed with us. As we were getting them ready for school, 6-year-old Josh asked me, “Will you make my hair REAL spiky?”

“Like a faux hawk?”, I asked.

“Yeah, a faux hawk!”

So off to school he went with pointy, 3-inch high hair. High fives all around; an uncle’s job well done!

My wife picked them up after school and she asked about their day.

The older Elijah remembered, “Oh, today was photo day.”

My wife whirled around to see Josh’s spikes still reaching for the sky, “Was it photo day for you, too?”

“Yep”, he replied.

You know, the Bible tells us, “all things work together for good to them that love God”

Well, our nephew’s photo shoot may have gone awry of the best-laid plans, but we just received the best school pictures ever!